Knight and the Bull

Rycerz i Byk "Knight and the bull | Elder Terrors | T-shirt design | Krzysztof Wroński for Medicine

THE OUTLAW KNIGHT This legend is about a particularly cruel and bloody robber knight. Robber barons were a real plague of the Middle Ages. The rulers often lacked the resources to fight them, so all the town alliances moved against raubritters, ruthlessly dealing with them. […]


VAMPIRE FROM PŁASZEWO The legend about the Neuntöter comes from the village of Płaszewo, but in the illustration, I presented a church from the village of Cerkwica. Once, when browsing a hundred-year-old book on monuments of Pomerania, I found a picture of the church in […]

Black Lament

PHANTOM PROCESSION This is the second legend from the vicinity of Białogard. It seems that the locals had a terrible bad luck for dark powers, and I am very lucky to have interesting themes to illustrate. This is probably the most mysterious and gloomy of […]


UNCOUNTABLE LOCATIONS Legends about witches were one of the most common stories in Pomerania region. Almost every village had its own Blocksberg, or ours – Łysa Góra. A large part of these names was so popular that if you look at a fragment of pre-war […]

Wild Hunt

FACELESS PRINCESS Wild Hunt is lead by Black Margaret. Margaret lived in the thirteenth century, but with me being a historical nerd of the Duchy of Pomerania, while working on the collection, I tried to imagine how these legends could be told during the glory […]


POMERANIAN MONSTER. Woarwulf (werewolf) is one of the first projects I made for the MEDICINE everyday therapy. Elder Terrors collection it is not only illustrations but also a piece of long-forgotten, dark culture. This creature comes from the Commune of Postomino, near the town of […]