Red Manor

BLOODY MATING The legend of Woebegone Mountain is not entirely clear. Some of the folktales say that there was a manor house belonging to the Pomeranian Dukes, others speak of numerous murdered, whose bodies were put to a rest on the top of the hill. […]

The Devil’s Nest

LEGENDARY HOLY HILL Rowokół is considered to be the sacred hill of the Slovinians, and archaeological discoveries confirm that this place has been worshiped at least since the Slavonic times, if not earlier. The mountain has grown into legends, and a large part of them […]

Up and Away and Nowhere Against!

Up and Away and Nowhere Against! Poster

1 SPECIAL COMMISSIONS: The darker the better. I buy a fine quality paper and draw an original design with dip pen and ink. If you are interested in ordering an exclusive art to hang on your wall please don’t hesitate and contact me.  That’s not all, I […]

Where the Ancient Giant Sleeps

GREAT TOMBS People have always been fascinated by the traces of the past. Some were very readable – by working in the fields, farmers came across remnants of ancient cemeteries, settlements, even treasures hidden from ages. But some of the traces of the past were […]

Be Wary

BEWARE THE FOREST SPIRIT Be wary is one of the most mysterious legends I’ve come to. The primeval forest near Polanów was filled with an unknown force, manifesting itself in countless numbers – but often this ghost was seen as a man riding a bull […]

Knight and the Bull

Rycerz i Byk "Knight and the bull | Elder Terrors | T-shirt design | Krzysztof Wroński for Medicine

THE OUTLAW KNIGHT This legend is about a particularly cruel and bloody robber knight. Robber barons were a real plague of the Middle Ages. The rulers often lacked the resources to fight them, so all the town alliances moved against raubritters, ruthlessly dealing with them. […]


VAMPIRE FROM PŁASZEWO The legend about the Neuntöter comes from the village of Płaszewo, but in the illustration, I presented a church from the village of Cerkwica. Once, when browsing a hundred-year-old book on monuments of Pomerania, I found a picture of the church in […]

Black Lament

PHANTOM PROCESSION This is the second legend from the vicinity of Białogard. It seems that the locals had a terrible bad luck for dark powers, and I am very lucky to have interesting themes to illustrate. This is probably the most mysterious and gloomy of […]


UNCOUNTABLE LOCATIONS Legends about witches were one of the most common stories in Pomerania region. Almost every village had its own Blocksberg, or ours – Łysa Góra. A large part of these names was so popular that if you look at a fragment of pre-war […]

Wild Hunt

FACELESS PRINCESS Wild Hunt is lead by Black Margaret. Margaret lived in the thirteenth century, but with me being a historical nerd of the Duchy of Pomerania, while working on the collection, I tried to imagine how these legends could be told during the glory […]