The Mystery of Cloomber


The second item under the sign of terror by Arthur Conan Doyle in the series Library of Terror. This time, released in 1889, it is a gothic thriller, a story of living in a remote area of General Heatherstone. The incident is narrated by be engaged to his daughter John Fothergill.
General seems to be haunted by the mysterious events of the past from the time of service in India that the increasingly manifest themselves, with the approach of the fifth day of October. Writing the account of the peculiar events in that state, the young John Fothergill West does not need to ask, because what is going to prove is hard to think of the laws of nature ...


The illustration was created using nib and black ink, and the idea came almost from place as soon as I finished reading the last paragraph of the novel. See more photos in the links below:


The release of "Biblioteka Grozy" once again features Arthur Conan Doyle's lesser-known face, less known for its horror literature. The Mystery of Cloomber is one of the first novels in his rich career (betraying the similarity to "A Study in Scarlet"), and appears in the first Polish translation of Aleksander Wolnicka.


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