Soundplay 2014

ART OF FIELD RECORDING. It’s a recording from workshops organised by CSW Laznia in 2012.

Kiev Office – Statek Matka

ART-PUNK WITH SHOEGAZE TWIST AND A SPICE OF PIXIES. Kiev Office is a band straight from Gdynia and Baltic Sea. Formed in 2007 by Michał Miegoń (Voc, Guitar, Synth) constantly creates Pomeranian noise, melodies and abstract lyrics followed by powerful rhythm foundation brought by Krzysztof […]

Asia i Koty – Autumn

Asia i Koty - Autumn | Services: ALBUM ARTWORKS ICON - Krzysztof Wroński Artwork:

EXTREMELY INTROVERTED SONG-WRITING. Asia’s hypnotic songs are often based just on a couple of simple chords. But as soon as she starts to sing the whole accompaniment, and the whole surrounding, doesn’t matter anymore. Her music neither flirts with the audience nor plays tricks on listeners. […]

1926 – Bury the Ghost

EXPERIMENTAL SPACE ROCK FROM BELOVED GDYNIA. 1926 was a band from Gdynia which proudly continues the tradition started by Sonic Youth, Colour Haze or Slowdive. It brings a psychedelic, noise and shoegaze music to Polish reality and redefines the idea of Tricity Alternative Scene. Band’s members […]