Cultural event posters

There is always a place for another gig poster on my wall. (or any other cultural event)

Posters should be designed for maximum impact and be able to portray your message quickly and effectively. Most posters need to be viewed by people passing by so grabbing their attention quickly and drawing them in for a closer look is imperative. A well thought out design will do this for you.

Posters come in many sizes, the standard A4 or A3 being the most prevalent. These smaller size posters should be used primarily indoors where people can get a little closer to find out more details and so the design should fit the purpose.

Larger posters, like A2 – A0 sizes, can display more information because of the size and are usually used outside to grab people’s attention from a greater distance. Some uses of these are for aboards outside a business with highlights of offers, directional signs, product listings and much more.



I always strive to produce clear artwork which involves designs that use images or photographs of suitable quality to be scaled up to a specific size. The artwork needs to be tailored to the size at which you are hoping to produce it, so please let me know what size artwork you are planning on printing when placing your order.

There are primarily two main methods to ensure that the quality is ideal for printing in large sizes. You can use high res imagery or design elements that will scale up to the relevant size needed without any pixelation or degradation of the images. Alternatively I can create vector artwork which can be scaled to any size without any loss of quality.

Get in touch if your business would benefit from a superbly designed poster that will attract customers.