Book covers

Cover matters so why not to give a fresh and inserting look to the educational book?

A fine example can be represented with book covers ordered by the PWN which is the biggest polish academic publisher. I had no difficulties with preparing a number of variant projects because I’ve already known the never ending struggles between an author, a publisher and a graphic designer when there is nothing special to choose between.

In 2015, I’ve finished writing my first book. I found the publisher and everything was going smoothly till he proposed covers for my book ‘Czarny Bóg’. Then, I realized that it should be a whole piece. I didn’t want a cover that has nothing in common with my dark folklore and mystery story, so I proposed my own artwork. My experience is still growing however, I think I know how to combine subject and design. I’m well aware of the importance of a fresh and attractive cover. This is the first thing that potential reader sees and it often affects on a decision of buying a book. I’m always trying to determine the meaning of the work. I keep myself open to any suggestions during my work because good communication is a key to success.

Publishers I’ve worked with: