Thanks to the cooperation with Medicine, I managed to implement an idea that was in my head for a very long time. The “Elder Terrors” collection is, in brief, Pomeranian fears. The ones that have been told about one hundred and fifty years ago, and which intentions were to give people goosebumps. These are often forgotten or little-known legends and stories about witches, wild hunts, giants, ghosts, and demons, coming mainly from the area between Lębork and Koszalin, collected for over a century among the oldest inhabitants of the local area.



During the neverending inking, I like to listen to something that additionally conquers the atmosphere of the project on which I am working. They are usually soundtracks of our favorite movies, games and a lot of disturbingly nice sounding bands. It was the same for the Elder Terrors collection for MEDICINE everyday therapy. The playlist is so bulky because I spent a lot of time by the drawing table. Although my TOP AD 2017 is William Ryan Fritch, if you know something in similar genres, I will be happy to check every recommendation!


Adventure Time for the summer! Here is an interactive map for anyone who would be interested in where to look for places from the legends that I have presented in the Elder Terrors collection. Many marked places are far from the main roads and traveling through rural and dirt roads do not happen to meet the living soul (especially those who are motorized).