The Doom that Came to Sarnath


After "Dunwich Horror," it is the second volume of Howard Phillips Lovecraft's stories from Vesper Publishing. "The Doom that Came to Sarnath", in addition to the classic horror pieces, also explores the more fantastic and dreamy areas of the loner's from Providence creations, completed by the famous essay "Supernatural Horror in Literature."

"Where once had risen walls of 300 cubits and towers yet higher, now stretched only the marshy shore, and where once had dwelt fifty millions of men now crawled only the detestable green water-lizard. Not even the mines of precious metal remained, for DOOM had come to Sarnath."


All 12 illustrations of the B2 format were made using a black pens din three months - the joy of working did not let me check my watch so I often lost track and draw for twelve hours a day. Looking for ideas, I wanted to present the less obvious side of Lovecraft's prose - less tentacles and monstrosities, but more symbolism, occultism and mysticism. I've also tried to capture and present the essence and atmosphere of the story, rather than illustrate the actual scenes.


Translated Lovecraft's prose performed by Maciej Płaza followed by the first volume Vesper Publishing - The Dunwich Horror. Maciej was able to give us the second look at the difficult-to-hear, baroque language of his HPL stories, giving his full wealth, poetry, and for the first time in the Polish translation of HPL - giving the beauty of the archaic tone of the language.


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