LØVTE – It is not a lack of love, but a lack of communication

MELODIC CRUST PUNK? It’a perfect combination of crushing and lovely produced black metal and poppy sound. “LØVTE is music you can actually dance and mosh to, hug and squeze your partner to, kiss or pogo your partner with and drink wine to” <a href=”http://lovte.bandcamp.com/album/it-is-not-a-lack-of-love-but-a-lack-of-communication” data-mce-href=”http://lovte.bandcamp.com/album/it-is-not-a-lack-of-love-but-a-lack-of-communication”>It […]

Feather Child – Inner Self Absence

POST PROGRESSIVE ROCK FROM GDAŃSK. “Feather Child was formed by 3 guys from completely different music planets. We started playing with 3 words in our mind: space, melody, beauty. “We did not know where the music will takes us at the beginning. Without any borders, without […]

Neverending Delays – Muzak For The Masses

EXPERIMENTAL CHILLOUT AND JAZZ COMBO. Piotr Pawłowski (Made in Poland, The Shipyard) and Michał Miegoń (Kiev Office, The Shipyard) in Neverending Delays music duo are decotructing jazz, music of the background and solo music creation known from popular guitar magazines. Fall yourself into the depth […]

Barking Irons – Heroes of Today

YOUNG HARDROCK BAND FROM RZESZÓW. It’s a debut album of young rockers from Poland, who are looking for a inspiration not only in Slash, Guns n’ Roses, or Alter Bridge music but also in heavier stuff like Motorhead, or bands like Metallica. 

Pete True – Hell Flower

NOSTALGIC ACOUSTIC ROCK FROM GDAŃSK. It’s a solo album of a vocalist of Absyntia rock band, Piotr Truchel. His music is filled with nostalgia and atmospheric vocals, but folk elements are giving it a joyfuler and lighter climate. It’s an universal music, which fits well into the bonfire […]

Pure Phase Esamble 4

SPACE ROCK POWER BAND CREATED DURING ONE WEEK. Pure Phase Ensemble is an international music collective created specially for the SpaceFest! festival in Poland. Every year members are different and met during one week workshops. In 2014 edition Mark Gardener (Ride) and Ray Dickaty (ex-Spiritualized) […]

Soundplay 2014

ART OF FIELD RECORDING. It’s a recording from workshops organised by CSW Laznia in 2012.

Kiev Office – Statek Matka

ART-PUNK WITH SHOEGAZE TWIST AND A SPICE OF PIXIES. Kiev Office is a band straight from Gdynia and Baltic Sea. Formed in 2007 by Michał Miegoń (Voc, Guitar, Synth) constantly creates Pomeranian noise, melodies and abstract lyrics followed by powerful rhythm foundation brought by Krzysztof […]

Asia i Koty – Autumn

Asia i Koty - Autumn | Services: ALBUM ARTWORKS ICON - Krzysztof Wroński Artwork:

EXTREMELY INTROVERTED SONG-WRITING. Asia’s hypnotic songs are often based just on a couple of simple chords. But as soon as she starts to sing the whole accompaniment, and the whole surrounding, doesn’t matter anymore. Her music neither flirts with the audience nor plays tricks on listeners. […]