The Boats of the “Glen Carrig”


This horror novel by William Hope Hodgson is presented as a true account, written in 1757, of events occurring earlier. The narrator is a passenger who was traveling on the ship Glen Carrig. The story is about the adventures of the survivors, who escaped the wreck in two lifeboats.

“Now we had been five days in the boats, and in all this time made no discovering of land. Then upon the morning of the sixth day came there a cry from the bo’sun, who had the command of the lifeboat, that there was something which might be land afar upon our larboard bow; but it was very low lying, and none could tell whether it was land or but a morning cloud.”


On my illustration, I've drawn a wreck of a ship and covered it with some underwater flora and fauna. I've used dip pens and a black ink.

Hunt for more pictures from work in progress and close-ups in links below:


C&T Publishing house from Poland created a fantastic collection of classic horror and weird fiction stories "Biblioteka Grozy". H.P. Lovecraft, B. Stoker, J. S. Le Fanu and much more great names appear in this series. The Boats of the “Glen Carrig” is the first Polish translation that is published as the printed edition.


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