Black god


In 1947, in Smołdzino near Slupsk. In the stuffy, re-shaping reality of the post-war village of the Recovered Territories, old, unspecified fears still dull. They are based on an unknown force, which is named for entities known from their own traditions or legends by successive generations of Slovenes, Germans and Poles. This, however, is an inadequate attempt to taming and to assign terror to a specific form with specific boundaries, which, however, does not exist.

For the newly arrived lieutenant of the Civic Militia, Adam Keller, this unknown force, emanating from the bleak recesses of an ancient village, is becoming a major problem. The real world is slowly crumbling, and with it - a lone main hero, aware of the existence of unnamed force, and that in the fight with her does not have the slightest chance. By quoting P. Lovecraft, "the oldest and strongest feeling known to mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest form of fear is the fear of the unknown," and it best defines the "Black god" atmosphere.


On the cover illustration I placed a bird associated with the spiritual sphere of man - European nightjar. By a legend itself refers to one of the names of the ghosts of the dead and at the same time the place of their stay. Additionally, under the name of trans-siberia I composed an ambient sound reflecting the atmosphere of the novel. (To listen below.)


I started to get to know the history Smołdzino thanks to my grandfather, who came here as a boy. Many of the atmosphere and appearance Smołdzino Anno Domini 1947 I took directly from the stories his grandfather. From him I also heard the pre-war name of Smoldzino - Schmolsin. Then there was the digging papers in the libraries, the search for all the pictures - postcards and ordinary photographs, in the words of all the old Smołdzino.


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