My name is Krzysztof Wroński and I live in the Polish city of Gdynia. Here I'm a 29 y.o. illustrator, a busy musician, a dreadful stories writer, and a big fan of weird-fiction and horror stories. But generally speaking: I’m a freelancing graphic artist who prefers to draw on a paper more than on a computer. Mostly, I work with dip pens and a black ink, despite the fact that it’s easier to make a mistake and harder to fix it.


I’ve started drawing with my university course. I’m an archaeologist and I thought that I would need an experience in 3D graphic for my further studies. I didn’t. But when I was on a graphic course I realized what I’ve always wanted to do. Drawing and designing graphics. Now I’m finishing my PhD in history on University of Gdańsk but seeking for a job that gives me true happiness which is a graphic design.


Everything begins with sketches, there are no limits to how many ways something can be approached, but it is always key to find the right path before the final stages can begin. After choosing viewpoints and compositional elements, and making sure the narrative is accurate and concise I move onto ink. I often play upon my love of horror films and weird fiction literature to bring the viewer to a new way of looking at an ordinary scene.


Most of my work is done with nib and ink, referring to the traditions of former masters such as Albrecht Dürer, Martin Schongauer, Urs Graf, Theodor Kittelsen, Hieronymus Bosch and Harry Clarke. This is a very laborious way of illustrating, but it is characterized by great detail and originality. In my private projects, I am inspired by the themes of Pomerania’s old history and Pomeranian folklore, a mixture of Polish, Kashubian and German influences.

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